Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Inspiration

Just before Thanksgiving well, probably more like the beginning of November when I'm snugglin in and preparing for the holiday season, I pull out two of my very favorite sources for  inspiration they get the juices flowin, 'cause sometimes I just feel all dried up! 

What helps to inspire you?


  1. Those two books are my fav's too:-)

  2. Dear Mumsie,

    We agree, we are so inspired by Tasha Tudor, too!

    Your snow photographs are just lovely! I love to go snowshoeing in such scenery! We had a foot of beautiful white snow yesterday.

    Aren't wood cookstoves just the best! I love your Home Comfort! I have a Kalamazoo. They heat up a room so fast and cook and keep your kitchen cozy, as well, with the added pleasant benefit of always having a kettle at the ready for tea.

    Right now, on our blog Corgyncombe Courant we are having a Giveaway of an old fashioned, reproduction yellowware bowl with seaweed decoration that would fit right in your kitchen! We hope you can stop by our blog and take a look around.

    Take care,
    Diane and daughter Sarah