Saturday, November 20, 2010

He's the Best!


                           My hubs is the best! I'm not biased at all ~ 
               After several years worth of a hiatus probably at least 5 or more if the truth be told ~ I am once again the hostess of our family Thankgiving feast. I just know I'm gonna eat too much ~  It will be all the traditional dishes that I will be serving. They never let me try anything new ~  *sigh* 

                        The last time we hosted the dinner
we lived in a cottage twice the size of our present abode It also had a big mortgage.  so my hubs ...who truly is the best...saw the need for a table that sat a few more than two. 

                          So with his own two hands and a drill, some screws and scrap wood

made me a wonderful Thanksgiving harvest table. Needs must be creative . See...didn't I tell you he's the best!  But there is one thing that I promised peeking under the tablecloth! Necessity is the mother of invention..or something like that!