Friday, November 5, 2010

Idaho Bound

Today we made the trip to Idaho to visit with hubby's aunt and uncle...some of our very favorite people.  We enjoy our  time spent with them , even though it isn't as often as they would like, or as long of time as we wish.  Uncle S is in his 80's now...with Aunt G a few years younger.  Aunt G is the youngest sister of hubby's dad, and  deals everyday with the debilitating condition of advancing Parkinsons.  Uncle S deals with diabetes and is Aunt G's caregiver.  They look forward to our visits with such excitement, and their hospitalty is such a blessing to us and makes us feel so special.  They are true believers, coming to the Lord  in their late 50's.  We talk about the Lord, John Hagee, our kids and g-kids, the news and politics....and we love it!  They fix us lunch....salad and pizza and dessert,  today...Sara Lee cheesecake.  Lots of coffee...we buzz all the way home.    The trip takes us about 90 minutes each way...hubby drove over and I drove home. This morn while he drove I quick knitted a couple scrubbies to give Aunt G.  Good thing...she said she already wore out the last one I gave her.  I look forward to our next visit with them, Lord willing and weather permitting.  The drive home was uneventful....but all that caffeine makes it much harder for hubby to resist "helping" me drive!  ;o)  Blessings, Mumsie

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