Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kitchen Style

                      Don't you just love this kitchen!    
                                                          It's so nice and bright ~ full of chippy peely romance   
                                                        Now don't get me wrong...cause I'm partial to this one  too!  

                                                                            a mixture of painted and piney wood

                          But don't ya think this should be painted a nice cottage white ~ hmmm? This is where I need your help...cast your vote and I shall use them to hopefully  convince hubby to paint it for me...and I'll do the rest..the sanding and chippin ~ don't let me down, I'm counting on y'all! ~


  1. That *is* a beautiful kitchen! :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today! What an encouragement it was to me...and always is when people take the time to read and share with me!

    I hope you have a lovely Monday! :)

  2. I vote for paint! '-) Not a true white, but one w/a little bit of yellow to it...& don't forget to 'age' it.

    You'll have to show when you get it finished.

    By the way...LOVE your cast iron sink (it's my favorite part of the MP pic!).

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Thanks, Kim! *Cottage White* is a Behr paint that is a favorite..not true white but has that yellow base ;o) Then the *aging* begins! But still don't have hubbie convinced...but I'm willing to be patient! ha!

  4. I vote for *ivory* on the color & yes a big yes, to age it..;o)