Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Turner Hill Tea : "Phew! Well, it looks like my website will be up and running, very possibly by this weekend. I am excited and a bit nervous all at the same t..."

Cottage Happenings

Sunday afternoon sunshine after several wet rainy days

The journey of late has certainly had it's challenges ~ Been playing catch-up a lot with the fall chores and winterizing as we were delayed because of hubbies health issues. Still doctoring for some answers (please, LORD!) on the dizziness issue, appt next Monday the 8th. For all who have prayed so faithfully...THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts. We felt every one!  We had a little respite from ministry the past few Sundays, but hubbie was back in the pulpit this morning and didn't miss a beat! Preached on Psalm 121..was a wonderful message.

The gardens are put to bed for the winter, the garlic planted and mulched. The new upper kitchen garden is ready for it's big debut next spring.   Flower beds cut back, roses still need some mulch..but hope to get to that this week. Ramblin Rose will get her winter cover soon, and hopefully survive the cold, lonely months!  Sure would have liked to take her out once more, but Lord willing next year!  Woodshed filled and kindling at the ready. New flock of  *chooks* (I love that Aussie name for chickens)  are 5 months old today..and if I don't see some eggs soon..gonna try squeezin them! Love their distinctive personalities..and the TWO roos get along well... so far! ;o)

The fruits of my knitting labors~the cute vintage
knitting basket was a yard sale score ~ $3.50
(Before my self imposed moratorium on purchases
during our debt reduction) ;o)
 Spent a couple days cleaning and reorganizing the's holding at a steady 52 degrees but hope to see it down to 40ish soon, so the apples and taters keep over the winter months.  Made apple butter and canned tomatoes from the garden, dug the carrots and pulled beets, they await whatever fate I determine, some canned,  LOTS eaten fresh and  some hopefully lacto-fermented.  I am definitely a fall/winter canner, putting the veggies in soups and stews on the cold days inside by the wood stove!  Baking bread and creating savory soups are my favorite kind of cooking!

On the quiet resting days as hubbie got over the influenza..knitted quite the pile of dishcloths and watched LOTS of movies..and as he got to feeling better, popped copious amounts of popcorn.  Try it this way sometime:  Melt a big spoon of coconut oil in your pan/skillet over med/high heat, add goodly amount (cuppish) of popcorn kernels, COVER pan and let it pop away....dumping overflow into big bowl as it starts to lift the lid off the pan.  Drizzle some good earthy organic olive over it, salt to taste, stir/toss and YUMMY! (Please refrain from commenting under your breath as to the condition of my well used/seasoned popcorn adds to the authenticity of the recipe!) ;o) 

We remain very commited to our journey to be debt free, are still on schedule..and have paid off a fourth of our debt so far, PTL! He is the faithful One in all our my kindred friend, HomemakerAng, from Maple Valley Offgrid Farm says...God is driving this whole thing! We are praying about an option we have to hasten our payoff goal..we trust He will give us wisdom and discernment. One of the resources I have utilized is reselling some vintage finds at a local antique shop...and selling some thru private channels. I am no longer the owner of the cute vintage *chook* pictured below...but thought you might enjoy seeing it before it leaves for it's new roost. 

Vintage *Chicken of the Sea* knife holder

These cozy autumn afternoons are soon going to give way to cozy winter afternoons and a blanket of snow. Until then I will enjoy the blessings of this autumn season and plan and prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We have much to be thankful for, inspite of the challenges this past year has brought to our life here at Rosehaven Cottage....and to our family and loved ones.  Blessings to you!  Mumsie  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Musings

I love Autumn, it is my favorite time of the year...and October is my favorite month
We married 39 years ago on October 16th
Some autumn beauty and blessings....

                                                       The last of the roses....

Nature's bird baths from the autumn rains

drying clothes in the crisp autumn breezes

Getting ready for cozy fires .....

planting garlic in my new kitchen garden....

Last of the autumn blackberries put into a pie

Last few trips down to the lower garden to glean 
and put it to bed...

To everything there is a season