Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*Winter* White Wednesday

I was planning to give the rest of the cottage it's CHRISTmas-y touches today I'm going for a vintage-y look this year with fresh greens and lots of creamy whites, gold, silver and glitter but I have a small but good  delay.  Hubs is recording his Christmas CD at the dining room table (it's a long story) so instead I'm working on some knitting   projects I'll share pics soon  for my totally home/hand-crafted gifting this year.  I took the vow and won't look back!   Plus I was able to get some pics of the wintery white outside rest assured, I KNOW I'm not a photographer but more of a person who documents with pictures .   I can't decorate as well as the Creator when it comes to outside winter snowscapes.

It's certainly beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas
here at the cottage outside at least!

Blessings, Mumsie      


  1. Oh, my! I think you ARE a photographer! I especially love the last photo! Most of our gifting will be handmade/homemade, too. I would love to get some of the gifts I am giving!!!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Love the winterwonderland, glad it is at your house. Hmm, a Christmas CD? Did you need my address?