Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wintery Sunshine

~ Only 11 more days 'til CHRISTmas! ~ Today is a lovely day with bright  sunshine after many days of gray and gloomy skies.  I want to be outside with the *girls* but have things to accomplish and they are inside projects  ~*sigh*~

               The *girls* are enjoying the sunshine and the
                    grass found under the melting snow...
                     but not for long another wintery storm is coming!

    Working on CHRISTmas gifts has been keeping me steadily busy....you can find me most days sittin in my comfy chair with some sort of fiber and some needles in my hands, perhaps even watching an old CHRISTmas movie knitting away the hours.

Or perhaps stirring up something in the kitchen not all of it is particularly edible  such as today's batch of homemade laundry soap.

PINK ...isn't that pretty? Easy peasy recipe. Pink  Zote soap, borax, washing soda, baking soda.  A fun gift to share.  At least I think so!

With daytime at the cottage winding down and  the pleasant afternoon sun disappearing I knew it was time to stop and treat hubs and myself to a soothing cuppa tea  some pumpkin bread, too. 

Perhaps a short   winter's nap *yawn* is on the agenda, too!

Blessings, Mumsie


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