Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Wee Bit 'O CHRISTmas

Not much time to read or take tea

I've been a wee bit busy this past week knitting, decorating and whimsical nonsense  and haven't meant to neglect ya'all. Today I should finish all the *greening* embellishment and then do all the cleaning, with the help of the hubby for sure  but here is a little peek at what's been happening at the cottage *workshop* Oh yeah!

I've been *embellishing* in layers it takes me a while to get in the groove, then I putter for days!  and then it stays up way into January.

I've been 'causing sparks to fly off those needles.. and they're wooden!
More projects and gifting to finish in the next couple of weeks. Yikes! 

So I really have been busy and I hope you don't feel too bad, 'cause that just won't do! Stay tuned for a CHRISTmas pictoral tour of the cottage soon.

'Til then....Blessings, Mumsie


  1. Lovely!!! Love all knitting projects. Some day, I will pick up those needles again!

  2. Just finished adding some *fresh greens*..they smell wonderful! More pics soon! And lots more knitting to finish! Time to sit and try out the new tea(s) as I knit. ;o)

  3. Oh...I love your knitting projects! Beautiful! And your house looks so cozy and inviting!