Monday, February 28, 2011


Okay...I'm a least when it comes to decorating our
wee little homestead cottage~
I do have some original ideas...but when I see an idea
I can copy that is a nice fresh change
using what I have on hand..well...I'm just gonna copy it.
I find lots of inspiration from favorite mags
but...honestly...the many lovely blogs I follow
have  such wonderful inspiration...
('s almost an addiction)
Not just decorating..mind you
I've made some wonderful new kindred friends
 But...I digress ;o)
to see Anne Marie's wonderful blog
Then....(promise you'll come back) and check out the pathetic photo of my version
(I am sooo not a photographer...and I have a puny little camera)

My sweet tattered  gardening hat
ready to grab as I go out the door to work in my *potager*
(This is in the *mudroom*...not the *kitchen*)
Works for me~
Some more copycat stuff coming up soon!  ;o)

Blessings, Mumsie


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,'s my friend Carly's look for sur..;o)

  2. So sweet! Love the hat...perfect for gardening in the hot sun!

  3. you are so sweet!! I'm so glad you were inspired and yours is a fantastic take on the hat -

    maybe this will start you bringing in more wire into your kitchen??

    with the tea pot there - it really is a darling picture!!!

    Anne Marie

  4. Love it! And love Anne Marie's blog!