Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving Forward!

What in the world are we doing?? We are moving forward when our minds (the little we have left!) tell us to cut and run. Why?.. the simple  honest truth? This past year (since last September) in ministry has been VERY DIFFICULT.  It has been painful and we have had plenty of discouragement! (I'll spare you the gory details!) This past year in our own personal family structure (our immediate loved ones) has been one that has seen a lot of heartache and tears. (Again, I'll spare you!) Our hearts have a lot of band-aids on them.
Through all this God has been faithful and has abundantly blessed us..allowing us to move forward in  "our plans" to finish this wonderful cottage homestead we call our own. (For more info..check my first few posts from last year) We have always desired to live a more simple..somewhat rustic life...even in the midst of active ministry. It is our hearts desire to serve the Lord no matter what. It is what we are called to...we can't cut and run..He won't let us. That really is a good thing. Sooo we realized we needed to assess our situation, and formulate a plan, so that regardless of our circumstances (financial) we could live this lifestyle and continue to serve the Lord. Thus began  MUCH prayer and discussion of what direction to take. Thus the one year faith-filled frugal journey.  Our cottage/homestead has no mortgage. We have no car pmts. We have poured all our extra cash resources and financial blessings into finishing our abode..and we have made wonderful progress. We chose to put the initial  "building materials" for the original 16x20 cabin on a line of credit of which there is still a balance. That hinders us. There are other things in play, other factors..but the debt bothers us and it is time to clear the slate.  We have purposed to pay off this debt, using whatever resources God has placed in our stewardship by October 2011. We trust Him. He has given us all we need and will continue to do so according to His mercy! We will have plenty to eat, still go out occassionally, and by most very well.  We will pay off debt, save some, and seek His will for the ministry He has called us to. Any projects that are still on the list for our cottage homestead will wait another year..and that is fine. We will share our fact this week we paid our debt down with the first big pmt. A few more to go! ;o) We give God all the glory..for it is from His blessings which it all flows!
I hope to share our progress and some of the things we are doing..or using,  to help us be frugal and creative with our one year budget plan.
Till then...Blessings, Mumsie

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  1. Good for you. I just had to do the same thing. I am determined to live very simply, especially with trying to get my business going. Prayers ascending in this endeavor!