Saturday, September 4, 2010

Less is More

Another step forward today..loading up "Rosebud"..the farmgirl pickup and will  head north to "The Front Porch", a favorite antiques haunt to consign some of the excess...I am purposed to downsizing a lot of "stuff" .. hoping to pay down our debt even quicker with the proceeds!  We wouldn't mind a shorter journey..less than a year would be just fine! It feels good..a positive long as I don't stop at any yard sales on the way. JK ;o) This is a lot of the "outside stuff"..cute and vintagey..but there's lot  to be said for "less is more". A small step perhaps..but a positive one! I seem to get too attached to "things"...but that's a whole 'nuther issue..and one I'm letting the Lord work on. :o) But let the reader understand ;o)  I only  want the "less is more" attitude to be about material possession..or bad habits or a crummy attitude 'cause when it comes to Him, more is more is more! Don't ya think?
Blessings, Mumsie

FYI Alert!!  I didn't stop at any yard sales...and I drove past a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM!!! ;o)

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