Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One thing we have truly learned to love and enjoy since we began our lives here at Rosehaven Cottage are God's creatures, but most especially the variety of birds that have found their way to the feeders and suet that we provide. My DH has feeders at several areas around the cottage..but the one that we see the most "action" is the feeder tray right outside the livingroom windows. This morning as we sat drinking green tea in our cozy warm living room and seeing the action at the feeders, a ritual that has become a important start to each day as we consider what this day will bring whether home chores, ministry duties, or a day away, I was actually able to capture a pic of one of our resident flickers. They are not easy to get a picture of because at the first sense of they go into the trees or brush. We have a large variety of birds that visit these feeders..chickadees, nuthatches, grosbeaks, finches of several varieties, downy and hairy woodpeckers, juncos, quail, flickers...and more. The seem to know that someone, (my DH), is faithful to keep their food supply quite ample...and wait nearby patiently as he fills the feeders. I am reminded that in Matthew 6:25-27 Jesus tells us not to worry about our food or drink, or the clothing we wear for our Heavenly Father knows what we need and is faithful to supply it. He reminds us that the birds neither sow or spin...but that they are provided for and don't waste time worrying what the day will bring in the way of food and drink. It is easy to get into a worry mode when considering what the day will will WE make it happen..what can WE do...but through His creation we are reminded that in these situations..God's already taken care of it! We just need sometimes to patiently sit and wait as He fills the feeder (our hearts). Blessings to you in all that your future days bring.... Mumsie


  1. Enjoyed your comments. How fun it is to watch the birds in the morning!
    And yes, God is so good, what a cool analogy of how well God takes care of nature and creatures, and that we are also part of that.
    But we have been made part of the Big Picture God has in mind for us!!!!