Friday, December 18, 2009


Each morning of every day DH and I have choices...some very comfortable and cozy ones at that!  Do we sit here to quietly talk and sip our tea and plan our day...

Or here in the living room....Or if we are really feeling adventurous .....we can put on our woolies and sit..


An easy choice most of the when it was 5 below zero last week!  No way!  But this morning,  the fire in the  fireplace that DH got going  this morning made the choice soooo very easy. I must confess that we use "crackle logs" in the fireplace for our ambiance conserve our very precious (and expensive) firewood for the wood stoves. A gently crackling fire is one of my "soul" soothers, and I can get lost in the flames. There are times that to face some of the day's challenges my soul, or heart needs soothing.  When we originally planned our  16x20 cabin on our 6 acres here at Rosehaven Cottage , according to my matter what,  we were going to have a REAL fireplace.  Now, DH has always given me artistic license when it came to the decor or even remodeling in our homes..but I knew he was serious when HE got on the computer (he hates computers) and did a search and found a wholesale outlet for  buying  prefab fireplaces. I just about fell over!  He wasn't  just making suggestions...he meant business!  And I am so glad he did!  It is now the favorite place to sit and enjoy our mornings..or sit and chat when our friends come by for coffee. It is the heart of the "gathering room", as I call it now, for the original "cabin" grew into our cottage home.
Rosehaven  is our gift from God, for our little haven here in  this earthly life.  I know that the place He is preparing for me goes beyond anything we could plan or build or decorate, but I also know that His love for me includes a cottage and a cozy fire.

We are still finishing our cottage but are almost done on the inside. We have made lots of  choices over the last 3 years on doors, floors, paint, windows, and furnishings. Some things I made the final choice, and some DH chose, but I found out that he doesn't make such bad choices after all...and we have a cozy fireplace to prove it!

I am truly thankful for the fact that I have the freedom to make choices, and that I have an opportunity  to make the most of each day by the choices I make.
The choices we make can define us or condemn us.
My prayer is to make choices that honor God, show love and respect for  DH, that would be an example for my children and grandchildren,  a witness to my neighbor. That I would choose an attitude of forgiveness and thankfulness and choose to grow in grace. And to think that can this can happen sitting in front of that cozy fire as I surrender my heart/soul to be warmed by the God who loves even me!


  1. I remember his really cool faux fireplace made of brick. Glad you have one to cozy up too.

  2. I'm ready to move into your delightful cottage. Do you take in boarders?

    Oh yes, welcome to Blogopia!

  3. We still have the faux fireplace..its in the "Birkey" guest cabin..which just might be a little business venture..someday! :o)

    Thank you very kindly for the welcome to blogopia!