Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon Musings

This was our 4th Christmas at Rosehaven Cottage, if you count the Christmas Eve we spent here when it was a half finished cabin, with no electricity or running water. We had the roughed in fireplace, a little wood cookstove hooked up, kerosene lamps and candles, and most importantly..the outhouse! It was our little offgrid, Little House on the Prairie, Tasha Tudor-ish, MaryJanesFarm kinda place to come to for some much needed down time from the very public life of active ministry.  Other than a battery operated CD player for our music, no technology to disturb the peace and quiet. Lots of changes have taken place since that first Christmas, many of them in this past year that has just turned over into a new one. Some of the changes were necessary to make life a little easier for DH, so some compromises needed  to be made. More technology...a few more modern conveniences...not as in microwaves, or dishwashers, or satellite TV, but...running water,  basic electricity, a composting INSIDE loo. I still cook and can about 90% of the time on a wood cookstove..but have propane for backup.  We are still trying to pursue a simpler life, a life on the old-fashioned side.  Somehow, I must's not as peaceful and quiet as that first Christmas Eve. The church ministry  has brought many difficult challenges and a LOT of stress!  And we have worked hard on our little homestead and cottage.  We anticipate to start work next week on the flooring project which will  complete the interior of our  little cottage. We have built Rosehaven Cottage, as God has provided the funds, or energy or time..whichever was lowest at the moment!  Garden spot in place, picket fencing, new chicken house, bathroom finished, "skirting the cottage" (cement board to enclose the pier posts) running HOT water.  There are still things on the list for our cottage and homestead...outside trimmed and painted, a root cellar, little "critter barn"...(I would like to have a goat or two again..DH still praying on that one!)  These are some of  the "things" that I think will get us closer to a more simple "self-sufficient" life that seems to be so important....and they are some of  my (our) goals for 2010. I would like to start a little "cottage industry" here...maybe with our local farmer's market, or a online "Mumsie's Mercantile"...or turn our guest cabin into a cozy B&B...or offer some classes.  I have been inspired by  friends who are stepping out in faith and pursuing some similar wonderful things.
I know that whatever this new year brings, it will, like the past year have it's challenges and blessings. It's laughter and tears. Its projects and plans, it's gains and losses. It is the purpose of my heart for this new year, each new day, to have more  FAITH, less FEAR, more LOVE, more SCRIPTURE, less GRUMBLING, more PRAYER, more SINGING, less SIGHING.....More JESUS....LESS me!  One day down so far.. and I've got a few check marks (only I can see them)   but I have 365 more opportunities and I'm looking forward to this new year, leaving the old one behind!  Love to you....Mumsie